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This download page is set up to provide easy access to Hordeum vulgare (barley) genome sequence data.

The 2017 barley reference genome assembly and gene predictions (as described in Mascher, Gundlach et al., 2017 Nature) are now available for download from PlantsDB: barley download center.

This FTP download page also collects all datasets produced, described and used in the 2012 barley genome paper.

Different sub-sections give access to different datasets. Every sub-section contains a README describing the datasets in more detail. Individual contact names are given there as well in case there are any questions not answered in the READMEs. The sections are:

  • anchoring
    This section contains all information which went into the anchoring of physical contigs including sequences, marker, clones, wgs contigs and bac end sequences. Three FASTA file allow to get access to all anchored physical contigs (Anchoring class 1, AC1), anchored WGS contigs (AC2) and anchored genes (AC3) which represent the geneome of barley.
  • expression
    This section contains FPKM expression data for different RNA-seq libraries relative to the barley high-confidence gene predictions.
  • genes
    This section contains gene calls on the barley Morex assembly sequences merged with barley fl-cDNAs (see genome paper for more details). The genes datasets comprises of high-confidence and low-confidence gene predictions. Fasta sequence files for protein and CDS (coding) sequences are available for download as well as structural gene annotation in GTF format.
  • sequences
    This section gives access to the de novo genome assembly sequences performed on data of the barley cultivars Morex, Bowman and Barke.

DOWNLOAD: ftp://ftpmips.helmholtz-muenchen.de/plants/barley/public_data/