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Sequence search (BLAST)

IPK provides a Blast server for the different barley sequence collections:

  • sortedChromosomes: 454 read bins for each chromosome arm (~8G, ~25 mio reads)
  • BACEndSequences: 571,814 BES sequences, ~400 Mb, 304,523 BAC clones
  • BAC_contigs: 454-sequenced BAC clones, ~79,000 contigs, 442 Mb, 3,566 BAC clones
  • assembly1_morex_rbca: 30x WGS assembly, ~50 % of the sequence amount could be assigned to a chromosome arm by RBCA (read based chromosome assignment)

Search for fingerprinted Contigs (Fpcontig)

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Search for sequenced BAC clones (sBAC)

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Search Genetic Marker for Given Contig Position and Map


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Search for Genetic Marker by Marker ID

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The % symbol can be used as wildcard for the search.