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Medicago genome data sources


Gene prediction data in this database are generated within the frame of the International Medicago Genome Annotation Group (IMGAG). The IMGAG group was established in 2004 to coordinate the generation of a reference genome annotation for the legume Medicago truncatula. Both the annotation tasks and resulting data are shared between the contributing groups to ensure consistency and quality. Under supervision of the Medicago sequencing steering committee, the aim is to comprehensively annotate Medicago genome sequences to a consistent standard in a collaborative effort.
The following institutions are involved/contributing to IMGAG: TIGR, INRA Toulouse, PGSB, University Minnesota, CCGB, NCGR, UO and others.
For more information on the individual projects and participants please see also Participants & Sponsors.
For more information about the annotation pipeline please visit IMGAG annotation pipeline.

Genome Sequences

Medicago is sequenced within the international Medicago genome initiative using a BAC-by-BAC strategy. Six chromosomes will be sequenced under the NSF project "Sequencing the Gene Space of the Model Legume, Medicago Truncatula," and two will be sequenced by partners in Europe with fundings from the 6th E.U. Framework Programme (FOOD-CT-2004-506223).


UrMELDB is updated on a regularly basis (at least monthly). Finished sequences not yet annotated go into the IMGAG annotation pipeline and are integrated into UrMELDB as soon as available. Large updates are announced in the 'News' bar.