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Welcome to the Arabidopsis genome database

An introduction to the Arabidopsis thaliana genome project and to MAtDB (PGSB Arabidopsis thaliana Database)

Arabidopsis thaliana is the first plant for which the complete genome has been sequenced. In order to put the wealth of information represented by the complete genome sequence to use, we must learn to decode this information and to connect it to diverse biological data. A list of all genes of an organism is no more than a list of parts; we need to discover their functions and interactions in order to understand the workings of the whole.

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MAtDB started out as a repository for genome sequence data in the European Scientists Sequencing Arabidopsis (ESSA) project, part of the Arabidopsis Genome Initiative, but is moving towards becoming an integrated biological knowledge resource by integrating diverse data, tools, query and visualization capabilities. The aim is to create a comprehensive resource for Arabidopsis as a model that can then be used to transfer knowledge onto sequences from other species, including crop plants.

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PGSB Arabidopsis thaliana database is the www access to data of the Arabidopsis Genome Initiative compiled, analysed, annotated and stored at PGSB by the PGSB Arabidopsis group and enhanced by data from many external contributors. TIGR maintains an alternative Arabidopsis genome database. MAtDB contains all Arabidopsis sequences and annotation produced by the Arabidopsis Genome Initiative, plus the mitochondrial and chloroplast genomes. Within the European Arabidopsis thaliana sequencing projects, sequences from Chromosome 3, 4 and 5 were produced and annotated. In addition sequence and annotation data on chromosome 4 from our collaborators at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Washington University are included and annotated to a format and standard as performed for ESSA ("European Scientists Sequencing Arabidopsis") sequences. This collaboration resulted in the first plant chromosome completely sequenced and in depth analysed with the state-of-the-art bioinformatic toolbox (publications). Publicly available sequence and annotation data from all other AGI ("Arabidopsis Genome Initiative") groups is included to establish a plant genome database that aims for a comprehensive presentation of the whole genome as well as all sequence derived and related information.


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