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Welcome to the Brachypodium genome database

Brachypodium distachyon is a member of the grass Family Poaceae. Its close relationship to the major Triticeae cereal grain species wheat and barley makes it an ideal model organism for understanding the genetic and molecular biology of cereals. The choice to use Brachypodium as a model organism is based on its small genome (280Mbp), short lifecycle, polyploidy accessions, self-fertility and modest growth requirements.

The functional and structural analysis of the Brachypodium genome helps to understand its molecular functions and later transfer this knowledge to crop plants of agronomic importance. The identification of specific genes and the detection of their function help to understand the development and evolution of crop plants and traits of agronomic importance.

PLEASE NOTE: PlantsDB is hosting the genomic resources for Brachypodium as they were published in the genome paper in 2010 for now. An updated genome assembly as well as gene predictions are available at Phytozome.

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