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Welcome to CrowsNest

With the increasing number of sequenced and partially sequenced plant genomes there is a growing need for genome comparison in order to elucidate the functions of genes and to study the evolutionary history.

CrowsNest is a Comparative Map Viewer at PGSB that uses a dynamic graphical interface to visualize and investigate genome-wide chromsome organization as well as genome-wide synteny between two or more plant genomes.

It is designed to allow comparisons ranging from the macro to the micro scale and enables to explore chromosome breakage, duplication but also to compare gene order, loss, deletion or inversion between related species. Altogether the Map Viewer consists of four different levels of detail for the user to be able to investigate synteny in a top-down manner starting at the macro level (Level 1).

CrowsNest is designed to visualize synteny between genetic, physical, and BAC/BES based maps.