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Rice genome data sources

MOsDB integrates annotation and sequence data from three different sources:


  • TIGR/MSU genome sequence assembly version 6 from 2009, example: chr01_pseudomolecule_TIGR_V6.
  • TIGR/MSU version 6.1 annotation on these sequences was integrated into MOsDB, example: LOC_Os02g34710.1, type in MOsDB: transcript.


  • IRGSP is the International Rice Genome Sequencing Project.
  • MOsDB integrates the version 4 genome sequence assembly (example: chr2_pseudomolecule_IRGSP) along with the gene prediction data from IRGSP version RAP2, example: Os02g0811200, type in MOsDB: transcript_IRGSP.


  • PGSB manually annotated a part (1-4.9Mbp) of the TIGR version 3 (2005) assembly chromosome 3 to ensure comparable data within a synteny study. This gene data set is available in MOsDB, example: OS_chr03_CG_00170, type in MOsDB: transcript_MIPS.